1. Web Radio

    You will be able to reach any sound device connected to internet. And millions of fans.

  2. Web TV

    On-air with the greatest artists of the history of music. Right away. The TV 2.0’s revolution

  3. Marketing

    It's time to get yourself known, marketing professionals will help you to take off.

  4. Artistic promotion

    We give visibility to your talent through the most popular means used by your public. It’s time...

  5. Merchandising

    If your fan want you with them all the time we can create their memories.

  6. Image study

    The name, brand, colours, the mood, the covers. All you need to be unique.

  7. Artist Board™

    The only platform that offers control levers to the Artist. It is time to meet the fans.

  8. Advertising on our media

    The power of our media at the service of your ads messages. Are you ready to receive reach?


If your fan want you with them all the time we can create their memories.


A memory is an extremely powerful promotional and marketing tool. We all have in our homes something that reminds us about a specific artist and concert, because music is that marvellous art that gives you emotions in time, and an object linked to an artist or song, to carry with you, significantly strengthens the memory.

INTERLUDIO offers to its artists, the possibility to create merchandising objects, from the study of the entire graphic and development project, to the production of the object according to the requested characteristics.

Thanks to the international agreements with primary companies of the industry, INTERLUDIO is able to satisfy any need in the artistic promotional field, from the business card in valuable metal, to the USB port in the most creative shapes, from the t-shirt with the artist’s logo, to the hats and homonymous pendants.

And if instead the artist wishes to handle the merchandising phase on his own, he will be able to easily do so using the Artist Board platform. In fact, this boasts a specific area in which the user can order directly his t-shirts, mugs, hats and tenths of other promotional objects, conveniently from his computer or even his smartphone.

The merchandising is a powerful promotional tool for the artist because it transmits an implicit promotion of the artist and boosts recognisability and positive visibility.


INTERLUDIO is a world of services studied to attain success.















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