1. Web Radio

    You will be able to reach any sound device connected to internet. And millions of fans.

  2. Web TV

    On-air with the greatest artists of the history of music. Right away. The TV 2.0’s revolution

  3. Marketing

    It's time to get yourself known, marketing professionals will help you to take off.

  4. Artistic promotion

    We give visibility to your talent through the most popular means used by your public. It’s time...

  5. Merchandising

    If your fan want you with them all the time we can create their memories.

  6. Image study

    The name, brand, colours, the mood, the covers. All you need to be unique.

  7. Artist Board™

    The only platform that offers control levers to the Artist. It is time to meet the fans.

  8. Advertising on our media

    The power of our media at the service of your ads messages. Are you ready to receive reach?


It's time to get yourself known, marketing professionals will help you to take off.


"In order to be public, music must be on-air. It must be available for purchase and it must be talked about." This is the (right) opinion of one of the most versatile artists worldwide: David Guetta. In fact, even the most talented person will not become popular and earn from his work, if he is not able to stand out.
For this reason, INTERLUDIO has studied each service focusing on maximizing visibility and facilitating contact and sharing, in one single word: marketing.

Music Marketing is synonymous of sale of a product, and to sell, the public must know that you exist and must be easily find you. 

Today, as we all know, it is possible to listen to music anywhere thanks to internet; through digital stores like iTunes and Amazon, it is possible to purchase songs which can be listened to using mp3 readers or telephones of last generation.

As well as the best promotion for any product, is mainly based on web and in the case of a music piece/artist, this translates in Web TV, Web Radio and social network.
Therefore, you must abandon the old idea to absolutely take part in some traditional TV show to become famous and stand out. This idea is just a legacy of the past, when only these mass media were present. Internet is the global media, that permeates the life of each of us, and reaches the actual target for selling a song: the world and the youngsters.
Nowadays, artists have the possibility to become famous and relate with their potential fans in real time, thanks for example to Facebook, Twitter or Youtube, where the opinion of a single individual becomes the opinion of many, amplifying in an exponential way, the possibility to be heard and sell.  

Today, if we compare the listening or sales of magazine or TV show audience with the social networks’ users (like for example Facebook or Youtube), the comparison is scathing: 

- the most popular music magazine sells biweekly 1,400,000
(source: Alliance for Audited Media http://www.auditedmedia.com - 2014)

- the television households in USA are 115.6 million in the United States
(source: Nielsen - 2013)

TV music show audience usually receiving an average of 2.8/8 during its broadcast
(meaning that on average 2.8 percent of all television-equipped households watching TV were tuned in to that program at any given moment, while 8 percent of the televisions in use were tuned into that program during this time slot).

Otherwise Facebook has 1.35 billion monthly active users and 864 million daily active users worldwide (source: Facebook - 2014) thus allowing us to be visible anywhere, in just a few moments. As well as YouTube, the largest video provider on the planet which counts on 1 billion unique users monthly and 6 billion hours watched monthly (source: Youtube - 2014).

This should be enough to confirm that if you want to do marketing, the web is the only place where it is convenient doing it.

For this reason, INTERLUDIO’s marketing specialists convoyed all the efforts on web, activating an explosive media mix, creating numerous services linked to internet, social networks and customs of the reference public.

Starting from the INTERLUDIO's Web TV and Web Radio platforms, that thanks to the Music Democracy concept allow the new talent, even emerging, to be transmitted side by side with the music stars of all times, and allow the artist to begin to receive earnings on copyright immediately, to reach the futurist Artist Board platform, where each detail of the music career is managed by the artist extremely easily, completely on line, and even through his smartphone! 
In conclusion, fan pages on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube will be created.

These instruments finally offer the opportunity to anybody boasting real talent, to sell in a global market consisting of millions of people, open 24/7, exploiting more user-friendly, measurable and cost-effective distribution supports, compared to the old physical supports. They allow to obtain a level of visibility as never before in the history of marketing, with the possibility to achieve results much quicker. 

Today we live in a democratic market that cannot be influenced by monopolistic or partial logics; thanks to internet, the marketing power went from a few unknown and pricy communication means to a pervasive sharing tool.


INTERLUDIO’s music marketing: open your wings and fly.






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