1. Web Radio

    You will be able to reach any sound device connected to internet. And millions of fans.

  2. Web TV

    On-air with the greatest artists of the history of music. Right away. The TV 2.0’s revolution

  3. Marketing

    It's time to get yourself known, marketing professionals will help you to take off.

  4. Artistic promotion

    We give visibility to your talent through the most popular means used by your public. It’s time...

  5. Merchandising

    If your fan want you with them all the time we can create their memories.

  6. Image study

    The name, brand, colours, the mood, the covers. All you need to be unique.

  7. Artist Board™

    The only platform that offers control levers to the Artist. It is time to meet the fans.

  8. Advertising on our media

    The power of our media at the service of your ads messages. Are you ready to receive reach?

Web Radio

You will be able to reach any sound device connected to internet. And millions of fans.


INTERLUDIO boasts an amazing Web Radio that transmits the best music of all times, 24 hours a day. 

A constant medley of songs from the ‘70s-‘80s-‘90s, an incredible sequence of popular artists like Bruce Springsteen, U2, Queen, Billy Joel, AC-DC, in a moment with endless outstanding emotions.

Music is never interrupted by voices or comments, in order to enjoy each single transmitted artist's note. It is truly marvellous, but in order to be perfect, INTERLUDIO introduces the Music Democracy concept.

From today, the emerging artist will also have the opportunity to be transmitted side by side with the greatest stars worldwide!

No more long years of apprenticeship or searching for ‘’connections’’ in order to obtain the radiophonic promotion together with the stars. No more compromises to be able to be transmitted only in secondary hours and on unknown radios. From now on, you just need to be an artist and have your own song made at ‘state-of-the-art’ in order to reach thousands of fans, waiting to listen to new songs!

Be careful, the emerging artists will not be played during night hours, but they will be introduced in the day program, and more precisely, 3 times a day, and transmitted with a 10:4 ratio every hour.

What does this mean? The radio program will transmit 10 already established artists and 4 emerging artists every hour!

This is the incredible Music Democracy by INTERLUDIO. Have you ever heard anything like that? Talk about it with your friends, a new era has begun.

Contact INTERLUDIO to find out how to access this extraordinary service today, and meanwhile, enjoy our fantastic programs!


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