1. Web Radio

    You will be able to reach any sound device connected to internet. And millions of fans.

  2. Web TV

    On-air with the greatest artists of the history of music. Right away. The TV 2.0’s revolution

  3. Marketing

    It's time to get yourself known, marketing professionals will help you to take off.

  4. Artistic promotion

    We give visibility to your talent through the most popular means used by your public. It’s time...

  5. Merchandising

    If your fan want you with them all the time we can create their memories.

  6. Image study

    The name, brand, colours, the mood, the covers. All you need to be unique.

  7. Artist Board™

    The only platform that offers control levers to the Artist. It is time to meet the fans.

  8. Advertising on our media

    The power of our media at the service of your ads messages. Are you ready to receive reach?

Image study

The name, brand, colours, the mood, the covers. All you need to be unique.


In INTERLUDIO, the study of the image is a fundamental step to create a star, in fact, this visually transmits what a song transmits in terms of sounds. Everything must be studied in the finest details and with utmost professionalism and for this reason, our art directors and graphic designers will translate the artist's personality into style and personality, impressing a ‘distinctive mark’ to the entire project, starting from the sensations that the song stirs up, and the look adopted by the artist.



INTERLUDIO will deal with all the following aspects, during the basic study of the artist:


- study of the name: by providing a large selection of art names from which to choose, after making sure they have never been used in the music industry;


- study and creation of the ‘brand’: therefore the name and/or graphic symbol that distinguishes the artist from other, like the writing ‘Rolling Stones’ for the homonymous group and the grimace linked to the Rolling Stone name; 


- the colours and the mood: which immediately identify the artist (think for example how the visual impact of Lady Gaga is studied, with a specific look and make-up);


- creation of the song (or album) cover: to give a strong personality to the music project;


- graphic personalization of the social networks’ pages: inventing wallpapers linked to the artist's image and customizing (if possible) the page elements of the same website. 



Many additional services are available to the artist who relies on INTERLUDIO, such as for example:

- Artistic Image Publishing Services for cultural and business events.

Study and creation of elements that concur to make up the artistic image of an event (e.g. event, concert, presentations, etc.) with goals and details linked to the genre and occurrence.

- Packaging Artistic Image Publishing Services. 
The study and creation of all the elements that concur to create the shape of a physical artistic product, like monographs and books on the artist, a line of merchandising products, the booklets and covers for audio CDs and video DVD.

- Artistic Image Publishing Services for promotion. 
With the realization of the publishing products  in support to the song for promotion, like promotional postcards, cards for concert badges or discount codes for purchases on digital stores, admission tickets. 

- Artistic Image Publishing Services- copywriting. 
With the elaboration of texts, press releases and anything else that involves the 'word', in the promotion. 


– Artistic Image Multimedia Services.
With the planning of multimedia promotional means using advanced techniques, and all electronic tools proposed to advertising by the multimedia technique, exploiting supports like Web - CD - DVD - ebooks. For example, some creations could be audio CDs with browsable artist's pages, music DVD, personalised web sites. or ebooks for iPad or Androids tablet.


Entrusting the study of the image to INTERLUDIO means to be certain to achieve professional visibility.







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