1. become.ST★R

    Welcome to your future. An incredible series of services to create your success.

  2. Music composition

    The best new authors and composers. We give space to who has never had it before.

  3. Session players

    Professionals at the service of talent. From guitar to drums, to build a hit.

  4. Recording studios

    The best recording studios in Los Angeles are INTERLUDIO partners. 

  5. Video production

    When images tell the sound. Outstanding videoclips to tell about magic.

  6. Music & Video distribution

    Only the best digital platforms worldwide, for the best talents.

  7. Image consulting

    From hair styling to make-up, from clothing to mannerism. The creation of a Star.

  8. Spot - Jingle - ProMusic

    A series of services thought for commercial promotion. With the Artist’s touch.

Spot - Jingle - ProMusic

A series of services thought for commercial promotion. With the Artist’s touch.

Making Spots and Jingles is an art! Knowing how to condense a complex and articulated thought in a few notes or images, underscoring the important aspects without losing the attention, conceiving a moment to tell a life. This is the sense in what we do. Working with talented composers, authors and speakers, in addition to the support of our video productions, we are able to meet the high quality standard required in business communications that clients challenge us to reach, on a daily basis. 

In INTERLUDIO, music is everywhere, not only in the typical music productions piece/artist, but also in those sectors where an impactful music or a well-studied jingle, can make the difference between the advertising communication of a product and that of a competitor.

Just think about the spots of cellular phone operators, or car manufacturers, the ''sound track'' has often such a remarkable impact that sets in the consumer's mind, a refrain that will come to mind each time he is closer to that product, often making him lean towards the ‘’catchiest’’ choice. But also other sectors are involved in the use of ad hoc audios, let’s think for example to the documentaries with their extended times, that require particular music tunes, institutional films that must motivate and impress a character to the brand and company, or the videogames that require gritty, amusing or futuristic theme songs and music backgrounds,  according to the kind in object. 

Therefore, INTERLUDIO creates custom-made songs for products /promotions and audio and video Spots, with the advantage for the Client, to be able to count on a service that ''deals'' with professional music every day, with the guarantee that the audio will be conceived by real composers, the product will be developed by real musicians and the video for the spots will be conceived by a company that produces outstanding music videos. 

The service is obviously completed with professional voice over, with male and female voices, among the best on the national market, in support to any required advertising or institutional message. 

Our creations benefit of INTERLUDIO’s philosophy, that focuses towards the constant research of new talents and professional figures for this sector, in order to provide an increasingly varied offer of ideas and music creations, who can in turn contact our recording studio to produce this type of pieces, execute ad hoc editing of music already realized or to refine mixing and mastering.


INTERLUDIO is a world of artistic services studied to innovate the music sector.





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