1. become.ST★R

    Welcome to your future. An incredible series of services to create your success.

  2. Music composition

    The best new authors and composers. We give space to who has never had it before.

  3. Session players

    Professionals at the service of talent. From guitar to drums, to build a hit.

  4. Recording studios

    The best recording studios in Los Angeles are INTERLUDIO partners. 

  5. Video production

    When images tell the sound. Outstanding videoclips to tell about magic.

  6. Music & Video distribution

    Only the best digital platforms worldwide, for the best talents.

  7. Image consulting

    From hair styling to make-up, from clothing to mannerism. The creation of a Star.

  8. Spot - Jingle - ProMusic

    A series of services thought for commercial promotion. With the Artist’s touch.

Video production

When images tell the sound. Outstanding videoclips to tell about magic.


The Videoclip represents the most complete communication of an artist, where images enrich the music, reveal its thought and show its emotions. A product that allows to understand the sense of music and words.  

Each production follows a creative and practical process, required for its creation: from the elaboration of a subject and script, through the knowledge of the visual language of the shots, to the realization of the storyboard required for the on-set production. Thanks to the experience of all the technicians and creatives that work at the productions, INTERLUDIO turns the creation of a videoclip, from a production work into an actual experience that involves all the protagonists.  

Starting from the rigorous and professional casting, to the harmony generated in an act while recording, until the viewing of the images that are perfectly integrated with the emotional flow of the notes of our director's studio, each participant taking part to the project perceives the concrete sensation to be part of something marvellous.

In addition to videoclips, INTERLUDIO looks after backstage and interviews, in order to increase and boost the artist's visibility that once produced, will be able to be introduced in INTERLUDIO’s multimedia platforms, and also on social networks like YouTube and Facebook.  

INTERLUDIO’s professional video offer includes Storyboards in 3D realised with advanced preview software perfectly integrated with the script and that thanks to the new technologies, allow to exchange ideas in real time, using the web as the group’s communication system; equipped locations and external studios that allow us to propose any possible choice from a technical and creative point of view; the reliability of an advanced scenographic department, with which we collaborate to create specific sets, stage objects and set-ups, to build any environment foreseen in the script.

High definition shooting, direction, photo direction and post production with a non-linear editing software, and cinematographic special effects of last generation, in addition to shooting equipment like steadycam, crane and dolly, complete one among the most advanced offers on the market, while specialized technicians, actors and models constitute teams able to meet any need with regards to professional video production. At the end, INTERLUDIO always transfers the property of the created product to the artist, who, in addition to exploit our distribution and communication platforms, can also use it at his discretion for any future need.


INTERLUDIO’s video production is an essential step in ‘’making’’ the future music star.








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