1. become.ST★R

    Welcome to your future. An incredible series of services to create your success.

  2. Music composition

    The best new authors and composers. We give space to who has never had it before.

  3. Session players

    Professionals at the service of talent. From guitar to drums, to build a hit.

  4. Recording studios

    The best recording studios in Los Angeles are INTERLUDIO partners. 

  5. Video production

    When images tell the sound. Outstanding videoclips to tell about magic.

  6. Music & Video distribution

    Only the best digital platforms worldwide, for the best talents.

  7. Image consulting

    From hair styling to make-up, from clothing to mannerism. The creation of a Star.

  8. Spot - Jingle - ProMusic

    A series of services thought for commercial promotion. With the Artist’s touch.

Session players

Professionals at the service of talent. From guitar to drums, to build a hit.


Being the best, does  not mean to be the most famous, therefore, differently from other recording studios, INTERLUDIO gives an opportunity to anybody boasting skills and talent, even if not famous. This way, the INTERLUDIO’ team grows every day and enriches itself of great interpreters, youngsters or famous talents that found with us the space to express themselves and are suitable to many music productions. 

Professionals able to contribute to the production of a song, able to be introduced on the market and become a hit.

INTERLUDIO will never call musicians based on a discriminating economic principle, but will carefully evaluate the collaborator, based exclusively on the peculiar characteristics of each individual in relation to the project to realize, measuring and recognizing the added value of each person, whether emerging and already famous artist, according to the only essential principle: artistic and creative consistency with the project to realize. Therefore, there will be a piece more suitable to the genuine verve and energy of a young emerging musician, chosen instead of a famous and technically impeccable session player, lacking the grit requested by the project, and vice versa, the piece that requires mature skills to transmit what the composer had in mind.

By opening the doors to all technical and artistic talents, INTERLUDIO can therefore offer an endless variety of ideas and creations which daily relate to the artist's needs, thus giving a deeper meaning to the word ‘’collaboration’’, where different personalities and specific needs meet to give shape to an original and unique product.

INTERLUDIO’s musicians are supported by the interaction with the study and possibility to use the structure, in relation to the project that they are realizing. The team work is a fundamental principle that we intend to pursue with the conviction that this is the only way to bring out, the best of each individual.

INTERLUDIO will always be able to propose musicians boasting talent and specific skills, to the artists and productions, bringing artistic value and originality to each new project.






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