1. become.ST★R

    Welcome to your future. An incredible series of services to create your success.

  2. Music composition

    The best new authors and composers. We give space to who has never had it before.

  3. Session players

    Professionals at the service of talent. From guitar to drums, to build a hit.

  4. Recording studios

    The best recording studios in Los Angeles are INTERLUDIO partners. 

  5. Video production

    When images tell the sound. Outstanding videoclips to tell about magic.

  6. Music & Video distribution

    Only the best digital platforms worldwide, for the best talents.

  7. Image consulting

    From hair styling to make-up, from clothing to mannerism. The creation of a Star.

  8. Spot - Jingle - ProMusic

    A series of services thought for commercial promotion. With the Artist’s touch.

Music composition

The best new authors and composers. We give space to who has never had it before.


The composition of a song is always an incentive, a challenge renewed every day and shaped around a new artist who will be able to relate at the end, to the works created specifically for him. We can create compositions of any kind with specific and targeted arrangements, thanks to the collaboration with versatile and motivated composers, boasting classic or independent trainings.

INTERLUDIO welcomes each new talent with the gladness of who knows that not only, will it give more value to the work of everybody, but will also bring new ideas and stimuli in the music industry, which is characterised by endless possibilities.

The creativity of a composer can be expressed in a single work, and not necessarily in more works, therefore, the opportunity to be part of a creative project can be granted to anybody who is able to show their skills and want to put themselves to the test.

INTERLUDIO recognises the actual and objective merits of all music talents. We produce and work with anybody who is able to sing, compose or play, because it is their right to have their work listened to by the public.

Therefore, we recognize merits in anybody, different in terms of level and characteristics, but still deserving a chance.

Music represents cultural wealth, and cultural wealth is fed by proposing new ideas and experiments, but mainly believing in the talents of each of those people who decided to communicate their thoughts and emotions through composition and arrangement, to create music made to discover feelings, hints for reflection or simply memories.






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