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    Who wishes to join the line to be judged? 

    For what reason, an interpreter or anyhow a band...

Judges and opinions? No, thanks.

Who wishes to join the line to be judged? 

For what reason, an interpreter or anyhow a band should compete with someone else? How is it possible to think that a timbre is better than another if it is contextualized within a suitable piece? Which criterion is used to state that an artist, an interpreter or band with its own music, is better than others, if the public did not hear them yet?

It is true that some songs are more successful than others, but is there really anybody who can state with certainty, that the decision is made by the judge of a contest, a talent show rather than a record producer?  This takes place very often based on a scarcely justified and totally personal opinion.

There is no competition in music, but space for everybody!

Any music piece, if well produced, can find its place on the ''market'', among the public who is searching and appreciates it.


How many times does it happen during a conversation with somebody, to discover different tastes in terms of music? Yet, the fact that an artist is not appreciated by everybody does not make him disappear from the world. There will always be someone who listens to him if he truly has something to say and if his product is valid, in production terms, as previously mentioned.

It makes no sense to be subject to humiliating auditions in front of somebody who is not really interested, who judges because he’s paid to do so, because it’s show business. If it wasn’t for the money he would be somewhere else, he does not care out the future of the artist himself, he's just doing his work, that's all.

The system used today, to make the artists compete with one another is arrogant, conceited and slanderous. If you have an additional vote you win, while with one less, you return to the oblivion. Why?

And all the work done up to that day? The preparation, the studies, the sacrifices end in the pockets of someone else that got rich at the disadvantage of someone else, who did not put any efforts, on the contrary! 

What is won in reality? We are not winning over someone due to athletic skills, where physical superiority is obvious, we are no proving more culture or knowledge on a topic on which we studied, no product better than others is made. Therefore, why competing?

I don’t think there is any need to give answers to these questions.

Anybody who reads this article, whether a singer or anyhow artist in the music industry can find answers, if he is honest with himself.

If living your art in full is the ultimate scope of your work, than you don’t need any more judges and opinions, compare yourself with real people who will be able to appreciate what you do with passion without specific ‘’knowledge’’ or extensive professional training, and will give you the best satisfactions of your life!







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