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    Who said that being a musician is not a ''real'' job?

    Wake up in the morning after a long night...

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A real job

Who said that being a musician is not a ''real'' job?

Wake up in the morning after a long night spent playing before a marvellous public. Writing the new lyrics of the single that we want to record by the winter. Going to deposit the last scores and go to the studio to finish some arrangements, and then plan all upcoming evenings and shows.

Little time available and a thousand commitments.

The day of a professional musician is always full, tiring but rewarding.

As any professional job, it requires commitment and dedication, in addition to the necessary focus to handle all creative aspects, typical of this job.


No, we are not describing something special that only happens to a few, we are talking about a job, a possible, regular job, that can and must be done by all those people boasting artistic skills.

Here is what unites INTERLUDIO’s vision to all the artists worldwide who for wrong reasons, imposed by outdated mentalities, especially linked to exploitation concepts, see as an ''impossible dream''.

In other professional sectors, it is possible to study, start a small business by investing some savings and slowly, thanks to our skills and abilities, the right compensation for our work is obtained, that allows us to make a living and continue with our activity. Why somebody always made us believe that these simple and common actions are not applicable to the job of a musician? Why playing an instrument and perform before a public must be a ''gift'' of luck or somebody else other than us?

Of course, if we stop at the concept that ''real'' singers or musicians are only those boasting international success, then we don't want to do something we believe in, we just want to make lots of money and be successful, despite everything else. We think that a ‘’real’’ artist believes first of all in what he does, in what he writes and expresses through his music; who wishes to live off his art first  and then, later on, if this will make him achieve success in a form that he will be able to overcome his economic expectations required to live well, he will feel more rewarded.

If you truly love music, if you really think that your life without playing or singing would be empty, if you don’t want to do another job to make a living and music, the space of a banal hobby in your life, then thanks to INTERLUDIO, you will find all the tools to turn it into a real job, achieve success, directly and with no intermediaries.

It is important to find the answer that could change your life, within yourself.






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