1. Web Radio

    You will be able to reach any sound device connected to internet. And millions of fans.

  2. Web TV

    On-air with the greatest artists of the history of music. Right away. The TV 2.0’s revolution

  3. Marketing

    It's time to get yourself known, marketing professionals will help you to take off.

  4. Artistic promotion

    We give visibility to your talent through the most popular means used by your public. It’s time...

  5. Merchandising

    If your fan want you with them all the time we can create their memories.

  6. Image study

    The name, brand, colours, the mood, the covers. All you need to be unique.

  7. Artist Board™

    The only platform that offers control levers to the Artist. It is time to meet the fans.

  8. Advertising on our media

    The power of our media at the service of your ads messages. Are you ready to receive reach?

Web TV

On-air with the greatest artists of the history of music. Right away. The TV 2.0’s revolution


INTERLUDIO’s crowning achievement is certainly its marvellous music Web TV. 

Music videoclips in 24/7 rotation with the videos that have always been part of our lives. Small visual works of art  that underscore the notes that constitute the sound tracks that fill our days. 

Relax and enjoy the clarity of the images of INTERLUDIO's Web TV, you can appreciate songs that made the history of pop-rock-urban music of the '70s-'80s-'90s in the tranquillity of your home, on your computer, or while on-the-go, on your smartphone or tablet, without having to purchase or download specific apps.

INTERLUDIO applies its Music Democracy philosophy also on this elitist platform. In fact, as for the Web Radio, the emerging artists will also be transmitted in a transparent and meritocratic way, side by side with the music videos that made the history of international music.

Try to imagine the thrill to have your music videoclip broadcasted before the Dire Straits or right after the Pink Floyd! 

Obviously, the video must be technically made in a professional and impeccable way, in view of the ''entourage'' among which you will find yourself....This is the reason why INTERLUDIO will reserve the right to evaluate the technique implemented, to make sure it meets the required specifications in terms of quality and professionalism.

And if you don't have yet a videoclip...now it's time to make one with INTERLUDIO!

This is the Music Democracy by INTERLUDIO. Have you ever heard anything like that? Talk about it with your friends, a new era has begun. 


Contact INTERLUDIO to find out how to access this extraordinary service and at the same time, enjoy our videos on-air now!



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