1. become.ST★R

    Welcome to your future. An incredible series of services to create your success.

  2. Music composition

    The best new authors and composers. We give space to who has never had it before.

  3. Session players

    Professionals at the service of talent. From guitar to drums, to build a hit.

  4. Recording studios

    The best recording studios in Los Angeles are INTERLUDIO partners. 

  5. Video production

    When images tell the sound. Outstanding videoclips to tell about magic.

  6. Music & Video distribution

    Only the best digital platforms worldwide, for the best talents.

  7. Image consulting

    From hair styling to make-up, from clothing to mannerism. The creation of a Star.

  8. Spot - Jingle - ProMusic

    A series of services thought for commercial promotion. With the Artist’s touch.

Music & Video distribution

Only the best digital platforms worldwide, for the best talents.

Today, it is possible to listen to music anywhere thanks to internet; through digital stores like iTunes and Amazon, it is possible to purchase songs which can be listened to using mp3 readers or telephones of last generation. These instruments offer the opportunity to anybody boasting real talent, to ‘’sell’’ in a global market consisting of millions of people, open 24/7, exploiting more user-friendly, measurable and cost-effective distribution supports, compared to the old physical supports.  

The public desires to have their music always with them, in an easy and repeatable way, on any device, that can be purchased anytime, easily and at an affordable price, this is why INTERLUDIO believes exclusively in the digital distribution of music. Moreover, this type of distribution, contributes significantly to respect the environment, a topic which is of topical interest for our society nowadays, eliminating the waste of plastic and paper to realize the physical support, and pollution to transport and store the outdated physical CDs. 

Music distribution is therefore the phase in which all efforts made to realize the artistic project are finalized in order to gain the right compensation that will allow the artist to make a living and continue with his music career.

INTERLUDIO will distribute the artist through the most important digital stores: 
Download stores 

Charts services

US & Canada

Video Distribution


Once distribution takes place that, as previously mentioned, will give a 100% profit on the sale to the artist (excluding the costs directly applied by the stores for each download), it will be possible to check the sales trend through a specific platform Artist board™ protected by user ID and password, for each store that allows analytical consultation, thus constantly being able to monitor the revenues to collect.   

Finally, thanks to INTERLUDIO, you will be able to live off your music skills. Now discover the power of Artist board!





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