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    Professionals at the service of Talent. A team of people devoted to success.

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About us

Professionals at the service of Talent. A team of people devoted to success.


INTERLUDIO is a project that was born with the aim to innovate the 21st century music business, and to provide a valid and concrete response to the needs and expectations of thousands of young artists in the music industry.

Our goals is to allow the talent to be able to be expressed, overcome old market and visibility logics adopted for decades in the music field. Today these logics are in crisis and no longer in line with social-cultural up-to-datedness.
For decades, the music artist (whether a singer, singer-songwriter or musician), in order to hope to be able to work and especially live thanks to his talent, had to record a demo, send it to more or less important record labels, and then wait that ‘someone’ would spot him, thus hoping to obtain the ‘utopian’ signing of a record deal. 
Today with INTERLUDIO, all of this has no longer reason to exist.
We created a complete eco-system where the music talent finds whatever he needs to express himself, for production, promotion, sale, growth and to monitor his career. 

From the creation of the song, to the realization of the music videoclip, from image consulting to the promotion on our incredible Web Radio and Web TV platforms, transmitted side by side with the greatest stars worldwide.
All of this, earning 100% from the sale and execution of your music creations, in fact no percentage will be retained by INTERLUDIO on the songs rights, neither on the sale on digital stores, and moreover, the master of the created song will remain the artist's property.

We are living today in a significantly changed social-cultural scenario, the old market logics of the past decades were wiped out by the democratic revolution of Internet, where anybody accesses any information in an instant and buys what he wants, with just a click.
Almost nobody is using the old media to access the required information and even less, the reference public targeted by new talents. If you want to follow an artist or discover new ones, you connect to internet and to online platforms like YouTube and iTunes, while for updates, you connect to their Facebook or Twitter pages. That's it.

We want artists to start believing in themselves, to think in a new and pro-active way, abandoning the idea to be ‘discovered’ or be subjected to the opinions of contests/talent TV shows as compulsory condition in order to work in the music industry, focusing instead on the actual music career, as it is: an independent job, like any other. 

Talent must not be judged but appreciated or not appreciated, and the market is the only entity that has this power, and as we have seen in the entire history of music, any artist has its own market.

It would be a utopia to think to be able to do everything alone, create – produce – promote, because any phase of a music project needs special skills that often require a certain amount of time and efforts that an artist does not have. This is why INTERLUDIO offers the ideal solution for young artists, a world of services at hand, and extremely affordable, that cover the entire development of their music project, keeping in mind an essential rule: everything that is produced belongs to the artist, including all copyrights on the sale of the song. 

It may seem impossible, but this is the new reality for who boasts talent and wants to live doing music.






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