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Conditions of use

What you need to know to use this website and its contents.




Last update: 27 December 2011

The general contract terms included herein (herein after referred to as ''General Conditions'') are applied to all the services (herein after referred to as "Services" or singularly "Service") supplied by INTERLUDIO S.r.l., with office in Milan, via Aurelio Saffi 22 (herein after "INTERLUDIO"), company which manages website interludio.com and the sites/domains directly related to the latter.

The user of the Services (herein after referred to as ‘’User’’ or ‘’Users’’) that registers or uses any of the Services, shall accept the General Conditions, which will also be applied to the Services that will be provided in the future to Users, except if otherwise foreseen when registering or during the first supply of the new Service.

Some Services, which are anyhow regulated by the General Conditions, are indeed subject also to the particular terms and conditions ("Special Conditions") in view of their nature and/or characteristics, which are notified to the Users when registering to the single Service.

The General Conditions and the Special Conditions (herein after jointly referred to as the ''Contract conditions” or “Contract”) are anyhow subject to Legislative Decree no. 206 of 6 September 2005 entitled ‘’Consumer’s code, as set forth by art. 7 of law no. 229 of 29 July 2003", keeping in consideration the possible supply of the Services free or charge, except for installation and/or telephone or telecommunication connection costs relative to the internet network, which will be exclusively paid by the User. Therefore, the User has the right to withdraw from the Contract without any penalty, within 10 working days from registering, through the methods foreseen in the following articles.

The Users who are fourteen years of age or older can access INTERLUDIO's Services.

If you are a minor (under 18 years of age), please read our General Conditions, Special Conditions and Privacy Policy with your parents or guardians, who will explain to you anything that is not clear regarding these documents.


Art. 1. Definitions

For the purposes of these General Conditions, the terms below are assigned the meaning specified for each of them: 

- Author: the holder (or more holders) of the exploitation rights attributed by law on the Works, for the purposes of this agreement.

- disclosure to the public: the exclusive right, as set forth by art. 16 of the Law on Copyright, to disclose the work to the public by wire or wireless, having as object, the use of one of the means of remote diffusion such as telegraph, telephone, radio broadcasting, television and other similar devices, including the communication to the disclosure to the public via satellite and cable  re-transmission, and also coded transmission with particular access conditions; it also includes the disclosure of the work to the public so that each individual can access it from the selected place, at any time. 

- Registration data: the User’s data provided to complete the registration forms found on the website, with the purpose to obtain access to the Website's services.

- Rights: the exploitation rights (ex-articles 12-19 of the Law on Copyright) on Materials granted under license, as set forth by art. 6 of the Contract.

- Downloading: the reproduction of the Materials available to the public in digital format provided the Website’s server on the User's server, such to allow the permanent copy of the sound records.

- F.A.Q.: “Frequently Asked Questions”, meaning the most frequently asked questions (with answer) by users to INTERLUDIO, included in a specific page of the Website, in order to better describe INTERLUDIO’ services.

- Sound records: the recording of the sounds coming from an interpretation or execution, or of other sounds or sound representations, realized with any method and/or any support, stored and/or recorded and/or reproduced and/or diffused through any instrument and/or medium, on and/or sound and/or voice recorders, recorders of original and unpublished music interpretations/ executions with lyrics, light music performed by interpreters, artists, performers. Within the context of this agreement, they concern recordings of the Works.

- LDA: Italian Law on Copyright no. 633 of 22 April 1941.

- Materials: original works and any other material available to the public on the Website.

- Availability to the public: the communication form on-demand according to art. 16 of the Law on Copyright, that makes available the original works to the public, in such a way that each can be accessed in the place and at the time chosen by each user, such as for example downloading and streaming.

- Works: music works recorded on sound record, of which the User is the owner or licensee, and that constitute some products or services supplied by INTERLUDIO; they are offered as files, in different digital formats.

- Registration procedure: it indicates the registration procedure contained in the Website, having as object the collection of the User’s identification and informative data requested by INTERLUDIO in order to supply the sound records. Once this procedure is completed correctly, the User will receive the login information.

- Producer: the holder or licensee of the rights of the phonographic recording of the sound records, as foreseen by article 78 and subsequent ones of the Law on Copyright.

- Website: the website registered under domain name interludio.com and related sites.

- Streaming: the supply of Materials to the public, in digital format, by the website's server.

- User: who accesses the Website, identified by means of univocal passwords and user IDs conferred with the previous procedure to register to the Website, through specific form, having the faculty to dispose of the Materials as indicated in the Agreement, for the intended uses.


Art. 2. Terms and conditions to use the Services.

2.1 In order to register or use the Services, please fill out the specific form that appears on the screen during the registration phase: INTERLUDIO requests some personal data to the User. Said data is processed according to the methods indicated in the privacy policy [see], that precedes the registration procedure. By accepting the Contract Terms, the User declares that his/her personal data is updated, correct and true.

2.2. The User also agrees to promptly update the registered data in order to be constantly updated, complete and truthful.

2.3 INTERLUDIO can suspend or definitely interrupt the supply of Services at any time and without notice. In particular, INTERLUDIO can interrupt the supply of Services with immediate effect and without previous notice, in the following cases:

a. when the User does not provide updated, complete and truthful personal data;

b. when the User uses the Services for illegal purposes or to transmit or exchange illicit, harassing, racist, calumnious, or defamatory material, material that violates third party's privacy, abusive, threatening, prejudicing, course, obscene or otherwise censurable or that violates or may violate intellectual property or industrial rights or other third party's rights; that causes harassment, nuisance, or damage in any way, to subjects under legal age (violence, paedophilia, illicit exploitation, etc.);

c. when the User uses the Services to transmit or exchange viruses, chain letters or unsolicited and mass distribution of emails;

d. when the User violates the General Conditions and the Special Conditions applicable to one Service. 


2.4 The User declares and guarantees the following: (i) the User is the owner of the Materials published on, through or in relation to INTERLUDIO’s Services or anyhow, has the right to grant license as set forth in following art .6; (ii) the publication of Materials on, through or in relation to INTERLUDIO's Services does not violate any applicable law, including among others, the laws that protect the rights of privacy, image protection, copyrights, contract rights or any other right that can be exercised by physical or legal people. The User agrees to pay possible royalties, fees and other amounts due to physical or legal people in view of the use of the Materials published by the same user, on or through INTERLUDIO’s Services.


Art. 3 Login information

3.1 The login information to access the Services are assigned to the User during the online registration, through the specific form on the Website, and they are confirmed by the email informing about the successful registration. The login information defined during the registration phase can be modified by the User at any time and without any restriction. The registration form includes a series of compulsory information, which is further specified in the F.A.Q.

3.2 The services offered by INTERLUDIO are of personal character, therefore the User agrees to duly conserve the login information assigned, not to disclose it to third parties and to keep them private, in order to prevent non-authorised accesses; in case the login information becomes known to third parties, for any reason, including also theft, the User shall immediately inform INTERLUDIO at email address  Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. E' necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo. , in order to proceed with the replacement of said information. In case the User is no longer able to access the Website by inputting his/her registration data, or is no longer able to modify his/her password, he shall immediately notify the problem using the contact information found on the Website.

3.3 The User will be liable for the data input in the fields of the registration form and consequences that may derive from false declarations. Should the information declared by the User in the registration form be false, INTERLUDIO reserves the right not to authorise the User or bar his/her access to the Site and relative Services, without any obligation of notification or justification, granted the right to adopt suitable legal measures, if needed.

3.4 All the data supplied by the Users in the registration procedure described herein, will be processed by INTERLUDIO in compliance with the indications set forth in the ‘’Privacy’’ page of the Website.


Art. 4 Conclusion of the Contract. Modification of the Contract.

4.1 The User that obtains the login information indicated in art. 3 can access the Services offered by Interludio.

4.2 Since the pages of INTERLUDIO’s website made available to the public contain all the necessary elements to finalize the Contract, said elements shall be deemed as a contract proposal by INTERLUDIO, as offer to the public, ex art. 1336 Civil Code. The inputting of the data required for registration by the User, implies his/her undersigning of the Contract, based on his/her viewing of the same and acceptance of each clause.

The receipt of the User's email declared during the registration phase by the email server, is deemed as confirmation of the acceptance of the registration proposal, by INTERLUDIO.

4.3 The User agrees to print on paper or suitable long-lasting support and to preserve, the General Conditions, the Special Conditions and all the subsequent changes that may be applied. The repetitive use of even one Service by the User, will constitute confirmation of his/her will to comply with the General Conditions, possible Special Conditions and relative subsequent modifications.

4.4 The Services are provided for an unlimited time, granted INTERLUDIO’s right to suspend or interrupt the supply of the Services, with suitable notice and without any responsibility towards the Users, who in turn, can withdraw from the Contract at any time, according to the methods indicated in the initial activation confirmation email or also through email sent at Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. E' necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo. .

4.5 INTERLUDIO reserves the right to modify the General Conditions or the Special Conditions at any time, after notifying the Users through a message on the activation screen, prior to the subsequent use of one of the Services. The User will have the right to withdraw from the Agreement in case he/she does not intend to accept the new conditions, according to the methods indicated in the previous paragraph.


Art. 5. Prohibition to resell or use the Services for commercial purposes.

5.1 The User’s right to use the Services is of personal character and cannot be transferred. The User can only be a physical person and therefore it cannot be a legal person, body or other organisation, even if not boasting legal personality.

5.2 The User is prohibited to resell or use the Services for commercial purposes, without the written approval of INTERLUDIO.


Art. 6 User’s rights .Property of the Materials. Licenses on the Materials and Works

6.1 The User obtains the following:

a. from the moment in which the data sent during registration is processed by INTERLUDIO, which it previously checked the truthfulness of the same data and confirmed it through notice sent via email at the address declared, the possibility to carry out all the activities reserved to registered users present on the Website, as soon as registration is confirmed; 

b. from the moment in which he accepts the right to access and use any related service, through the specific confirmation procedure on the Website, at the conditions from time to time specified in the relative Special Conditions.


6.2 INTERLUDIO does not boast property rights on texts, files, images, photographs, videos, sounds, music works, authorial works, or other materials which are transmitted, submitted, visualized or published (''posting'') by the Users on, through or in relation to INTERLUDIO's Services. The User retains any possible right on his Materials published on, through or in relation to INTERLUDIO's Services, granted the provisions concerning the limited license of use, indicated in this Agreement. By publishing Materials on, through or in relation to INTERLUDIO’s Services, the User grants to INTERLUDIO, a limited license for use, change, remove, expand, execute or publish, reproduce and distribute said Materials exclusively on, through or in relation to INTERLUDIO’s Services, including for example but not limitedly to, the distribution through INTERLUDIO’s Services on applications, widgets, websites or portable services, desktops or other services, related to the User’s INTERLUDIO account, including for example and not limitedly to, the partial or total publishing of INTERLUDIO's Services and their Materials, on any support or format and through any media channel, granted that the Materials labelled as ''private'' cannot be published by INTERLUDIO, outside INTERLUDIO's Services. 


6.3 In some cases, the User will be granted license on the Materials and Works, according to the terms specified from time to time in the Special Conditions, according to the selected service. Granted any different agreement between the Parties, the User must comply with the following provisions:

a. commercial or advertising exploitations of the supplied services, Materials and Works are not anyhow allowed, whether for self-promotional purposes or in favour of third parties;

b. it is not allowed to sub-license, distribute, transfer or grant the Materials and Works or the rights on the Materials and Works;

c. it is not allowed to decompile, convert or disassemble any part of the Materials or Works or subject them to reverse engineering;

d. it is not allowed to copy or reproduce the Materials and Works, except as specifically indicated in the single Special Conditions;

e. it is not allowed to transcribe the Works object of recording of the Materials and Works, in a pentagram or other transcription form;

f. it is not allowed to remove the notes on copyright, trademarks, electronic information concerning rights or technological measures to protect said rights, wherever they are placed in the Materials and Works;

g. it is not allowed to use the Materials and Works to compete with INTERLUDIO;

h. it is not allowed to use the Materials and Works in a product or service through which the Materials and Works can be used separately from the same product or service;

i. it is not allowed to use the Materials and Works in any downloadable format, intended for mass distribution, including for example, models, website models, software products, peer-to-peer, etc., except if explicitly allowed;

l. it is not allowed to use the Materials and Works in any way that could be considered defamatory, pornographic, offensive, immoral, obscene, fraudulent or illegal, detrimental for the Author's image and reputation, whether applying modifications to the Materials or Works, or through the juxtaposition of text or other images or in any other way;

m. it is not allowed any non-personal use of the Materials and Works, or the on-line re-transmission or transmission in any form, including transmission to a personal address through telecommunication means, therefore also via email, except if otherwise agreed. 


6.4 All the rights not explicitly granted to the Users by the General or Special Conditions shall be deemed reserved to INTERLUDIO and its licensors.


Art. 7 Fee

7.1 The User must not pay any fee for registering to the Website and obtain the login information.

7.2 The different services offered by the Website may be upon payment, which varies according to the selected Service. This amount will be specified in the Special Conditions relative to the single Service. 


Art. 8 INTERLUDIO’s rights of property

8.1 The Website (intending for the graphic, design elements, and trademarks) is protected by applicable laws on copyright, trademarks, patents and other sole-rights, and other applicable laws.

8.2 The owner of the Site provides the same Website and its contents to the public; moreover, with these General Conditions, he grants the User a limited license for the reproduction and visualization of the website pages (with the exclusion of any software code), exclusively for personal use and to exploit the relative services; therefore, any right whether additional or different from the ones indicated in the articles of the Agreement, cannot be exercised by the User, except in case of different explicit agreement in writing between the user and the holder of said rights.   

8.3 Therefore the User explicitly acknowledges that all the industrial and intellectual property rights, among which for example and not limitedly to, know-how, source code, software, hardware, projects, applications, patents, industrial secrets, formulas, algorithms, models, databases and similar, relative to the Services, data and other material coming from INTERLUDIO or anyhow provided to the User by INTERLUDIO remain the exclusive property of INTERLUDIO, which grants the User a personal, non-transferable and non-exclusive license to use the Services on a single computer, in compliance with the General Conditions, agreeing in any case, that the User cannot copy, modify, sell, transfer, sub-license, confer or transfer to third parties or create works derived from any INTERLUDIO's right, neither allow third parties to do the same through the User or his computer, also unknowingly. 

8.4 In case the User provides materials or publications to INTERLUDIO for publishing through the Site, of which he is the holder of the relative intellectual property rights, INTERLUDIO will be deemed authorised by the User to economically exploit said rights related to the aforesaid publication or diffusion, waiving the User any compensation, granted the moral right to be recognized as author, except if otherwise foreseen in the Special Conditions. 


Art. 9 Prohibited activities

9.1 INTERLUDIO reserves the right at its unquestionable opinion, to review and undertake the most appropriate legal actions towards those subjects who violate these General Conditions, including filing a complaint at competent authorities. For example and not limitedly to, a list of illegal activities or not authorised in the Website and during the use of the Website services is included below: 

a. Illicit activities as set forth by applicable laws (national and international), including crimes related to pedo-pornography, frauds, exchange of obscene material, illicit traffics, gambling, threats and harassments, spamming and spimming, spreading of viruses or other damaging files;

b. advertisements or promotions addressed to any User whether registered or not, aimed at purchasing or selling any product or service through the Website services, except for those explicitly authorised by the Website;

c. the use of any information obtained through the Website services in order to contact, advertise, promote or sell products or services to other users (whether registered or not) without their explicit approval.

d. any automated use of the system, including the use of scripts for sending comments and messages;

e. interferences, interruptions or over-loads of the Website services or networks or services related to the Website services;

f. attempts to act as another User or person


9.2 Therefore, the User agrees not to copy, reproduce, alter, modify or advertise the Website contents, in a way that is not compliant with this agreement, without the explicit written authorisation of INTERLUDIO or third parties, holders of the rights on said contents.


9.3 INTERLUDIO has the faculty to reject, refuse to publish or remove potential Materials for any reason or without justification, for example and not limitedly to, in case of Materials that according to the unquestionable opinion of INTERLUDIO, violate the Contract General Conditions or are offensive or illegal or violate the rights of physical or legal people, or damage or threat the safety of physical and legal people. INTERLUDIO will not be liable for performing checks on INTERLUDIO’s Services in order to discover improper Materials or behaviours. 


9.4 Should INTERLUDIO decide at any moment at its unquestionable opinion, to perform checks on the Services, INTERLUDIO will not be deemed liable anyhow for the Materials, neither will it have the obligation to modify or remove improper Materials, nor will it be liable for the User's behaviour who sent said Materials. 


Art. 10 Information on the right of withdrawal and its exclusion. Revocation of the registration. Explicit resolution of the Contract

10.1 The User who is a physical person and stipulates the Contract, representing the status of consumer according to art. 3 of Legislative Decree 206/2005 (therefore who acts for purposes not related to the entrepreneurial or professional activity potentially performed) has the right to exercise the right of withdrawal, without any obligation to provide an explanation and without any penalty, within 10 (ten) working days from stipulating the agreement (as set forth by art. 4 of the Agreement) through registered letter with return receipt to be sent through mailing service or PEC to INTERLUDIO. Alternatively, the right of withdrawal is allowed to be exercised even conditions apply, through notice via email, telegram, telex, or fax to be sent within the same term of 10 (ten) days, provided that the specific registered letter with return receipt is sent within the following 48 (forty-eight) hours, through mailing service, in order to confirm the intention to exercise the right of withdrawal. The notice of receipt shall anyhow be deemed an essential condition to prove the intention to exercise the right of withdrawal.

10.2 The User- consumer cannot anyhow exercise the right of withdrawal for services which are already being provided within 10 (ten) days from stipulating the agreement (as defined by art. 4 of the Agreement), as set forth by art. 55, paragraph 2, letter a) of Legislative Decree 206/2005. The acceptance of the aforementioned conditions implies the consumer's consent to the supply of the service prior to the 10 days foreseen by law, in order to exercise the right of withdrawal. Art. 55, paragraph 2, letter c) of Legislative Decree 206/2005 is also applicable, since relevant due to the fact that its object consists in goods that cannot be returned, therefore the right of withdrawal (ex-art. 64 of Legislative Decree 206/2005) is not applicable.

10.3 Besides the aforementioned right of withdrawal foreseen by law, the registered User always boasts the right to cancel his registration to the Website, by sending an email with object "Cancellation request'', without any need to provide a justification.  INTERLUDIO will promptly delete the User's data from its users' database. The cancellation request cannot be anyhow considered as withdrawal from possible orders or requests of products or services made towards INTERLUDIO.

10.4 The revocation of the registration by the User is anyhow always admitted, as set forth by art. 3. Said revocation shall be exercised through an email sent by the User to INTERLUDIO, with the explicit request of revocation, without the obligation to provide any justification. As a consequence, INTERLUDIO will promptly delete the User from the registry of its registered users, as confirmed to the User through a specific email notice, with effect to terminate the use of the Website Services by the User.

10.5 INTERLUDIO can terminate this and any other subsequent agreement with the User, pursuant to art. 1456 Civil Code, in case of non-compliance by the Client, of the provisions set forth by articles 3, 5, 6, 8 and 9 of the General Conditions, granted and unprejudiced INTERLUDIO's right to collect the payment of the fees matured in its favour, up to the date of resolution, and possible refund for the damages suffered.


Art. 11 Exclusion of warranty. Limitation of liability. Indemnity.

11.1 INTERLUDIO declines any liability concerning the behaviour online and offline, of the users (whether registered or not) that exploit the Website services.

11.2 INTERLUDIO declines any liability for errors, omissions, interruptions, cancellations, defects, operative or transmission delays, failures of the communication lines, thefts, destruction, non-authorised access or alteration of any communication carried out by users (registered or not), and also in relation to any problem or technical inconvenience concerning networks or telephone lines, online elaboration systems, servers or providers, IT equipment, software, email or reproduction software errors due to technical problems or high traffic on Internet of the Site’s services or their combination. 

11.3 The Site’s Services are provided ‘’as is’’ and ‘’as available’’ according to the technical availability; the Site does not guarantee on-going, secure supply, without errors or interruptions; INTERLUDIO cannot guarantee or promise the attainment of specific results following the use of the Services and sound records, in addition to what foreseen herein. 

11.4 The web pages of the Site can host banners or other advertising links to third party’s services and websites. INTERLUDIO declines any liability related to the access, use and contact with said third party’s services, since it shall not be deemed connected to them in anyway, and even more so, in the quality of intermediary, neither it is deemed bound to evaluate, review or anyhow check what is stated and published through the link. Therefore, each advertiser will be considered personally and individually liable towards the User for the mentioned advertising link and related services.

11.5 The User agrees to use the Services exclusively for licit purposes, allowed by applicable laws, uses and customs, due-diligence, without prejudicing third party’s rights, whether user of the communication media or not, and complying in particular, with laws on data protection, protection of intellectual and industrial property, and laws on telecommunications. The User will be fully liable for the content of the messages and texts sent directly by him or on his behalf to third parties, through the Services, and agrees to be the only party liable thus relieving INTERLUDIO and subjects connected or controlled by it, its representatives, employees and any INTERLUDIO’s partner, from any consequent request of damage or compensation and refunding INTERLUDIO of any cost due to third party’s claims or actions due to damages caused by the User or people authorised by the User to access the Services.


Art. 12 Communications 

12.1 All communications made by INTERLUDIO to the User, shall take place upon INTERLUDIO’s decision, through email, ordinary mail or telephone/fax, to the addresses provided by the User during the Registration Procedure.

12.2 All communications made by the User to INTERLUDIO shall take place exclusively through email at the following address: Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. E' necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo. .


Art. 13 Technical requirements

13.1 Prior to proceed with any service request, the User must check that his electronic and telecommunication instruments that will be used as described, in carrying out whatever is requested, boast the minimum requirements (software and hardware) for proper use. The minimum technical requirements are indicated at interludio.com.

13.2 INTERLUDIO will not be liable under any circumstance, for the lack or improper user due to the non-compliance with the aforesaid minimum requirements.


Art. 14 Applicable language

14.1 The Italian language is the language exclusively applied to the agreement and any relation between INTERLUDIO and the User, except if otherwise agreed by the parties, in writing, under penalty of being declared null and void. 


Art. 15 Applicable law to the agreement and resolution of controversies

15.1 The substantive and procedural Italian law is applied to the Agreement, and to all relations regulated, generated, derived from it or anyhow related to it, also with regards to the execution, resolution, termination, and withdrawal. 

15.2 The controversies that may arise in relation to this agreement will be exclusively devolved to the judicial Authority of the User’s place of residence or domicile (as defined by art. 3, Legislative Decree 206/2005) ex art. 63, Legislative Decree 206/2005. In case of non-consumer User, the exclusive competent court will be that of Milan.


Art. 16 General provisions

16.1 The User declares under his liability, to reside and/or be domiciled in Italy.

16.2 In case one or more provisions of the Agreement shall be deemed invalid, this will not affect the applicability of the remaining provisions. 

16.3 The provisions set forth by Legislative Decree 206/2005 (Consumer’s Code, in particular section II ‘’distance contracts’’) and Legislative Decree 70/2003 (Acknowledgement of the Directive on Electronic Commerce) are applied to the Contract.

16.4 The possible existence of other additional contracts or agreements between INTERLUDIO and the User does not determine any relation to the this agreement, remaining each of them separate and independent, except in case the agreement or contract explicitly and functionally recalls another, but always within the limits of a proper literal interpretation of the same.


17. Special Conditions

17.1 The relative Special Conditions are applied to the Services described below.

17.2 ‘’INTERLUDIO’s Community Services’’, or those services offered by INTERLUDIO to the Users’ Community, among which for example, forums, blogs, personal pages, Artist Board, etc.

17.3 The Community Services are subject to the following Special Conditions:

a. Role of INTERLUDIO: INTERLUDIO acts in quality of supplier of the virtual spaces, in which the Community Services are offered. INTERLUDIO does not monitor or control the content of the statements or messages provided by the Users in the network, through the Community Services and therefore, it declines any liability in this regard. Also in case one of any of the Community Services foresees the figure of a "Webmaster", the task of the latter will be limited to the organisation of the flow of messages sent by the Users, without any previous check of the same, therefore the Webmaster and IT Point decline any liability for the contents coming from the Users. 

b. INTERLUDIO’s rights: INTERLUDIO is not bound to carry out any control activity concerning compliance with the law, editing or verification of the truthfulness, legitimacy and foundation of the information provided, neither to review the specific contents of the statements and/or messages object of the Services. In all the cases, the user will not boast any right to object the decisions of the IT Point or to be refunded or compensated from anybody. Moreover, the user indemnifies and holds harmless the IT Point against all claims brought forward towards it, by entitled third parties. 


d. INTERLUDIO’s limit of liability: the User will be fully liable for the content of the information and texts sent to INTERLUDIO, agreeing to be the only party liable and relieving INTERLUDIO, from any consequent request of damage or compensation and refunding INTERLUDIO of any cost due to third party’s claims or actions based on the violation of third party’s intellectual property rights or competitive offences committed by the User through the Services. INTERLUDIO WILL NOT BE DEEMED LIABLE FOR THE CONTENTS OF THE USER’S MESSAGES HOSTED BY THE LATTER, AND IT DOES NOT OFFER ANY GUARANTEE OR ASSURANCE ON THE LEGALITY, CORRECTNESS, UP-TO-DATEDNESS, COMPLETENESS, RELIABILITY, TRUTHFULNESS OR UTILITY OF THE INFORMATION PROVIDED THROUGH THE SERVICE.

e.  Netiquette rules: in exploiting the Community Services, the Users shall comply with the ‘’netiquette’’ rules (internet etiquette), such as for example:

- use the Community Services for licit purposes, always using tones and expressions compliant with the rules of social harmony; 

- not use the Community Services for commercial or advertising purposes; 

- not use the Community Services to threat or harass the other users, publish obscene, defamatory, detrimental material to the reputation or anyhow contrary to public policy regulations or morality or that could cause damage or offence to the other users or third parties; 

- not to diffuse through the Community Services, materials or contents protected by third party’s industrial property rights without the holder’s authorisation; 

- not to diffuse through the Community Services, private or detrimental information for third party’s privacy; 

- respect the age limit required to use the selected Community Service; 

- respect and follow the themes that fall within the area of interest of the group, abstaining to publish inappropriate material inside the Services.

f. Compliance with the Terms of the Community Services: the violation of the Netiquette Rules indicated in the previous paragraph d) can be notified to INTERLUDIO, which is authorised to eliminate the notified material and takes the measures indicated in the General Conditions, granted in any case, other measures foreseen by law.


In case of interpretation differences, the Italian text will prevail.







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