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Discover the revolutionary way to live, thanks to your talent and music.

INTERLUDIO offers you the possibility to immediately begin your artist career, thanks to the incredible become.STAR service.


If you are a singer, singer-song writer, or musician, and your dream is to work in the music industry, but you do not want send useless ‘demos’’ with the hope to be ‘chosen’. If you believe that the only judge of an artist is the public and not some judge of a television program, then INTERLUDIO offers you the most incredible opportunity.

We conceived an entire ecosystem at the service of your music talent.

The INTERLUDIO become.STAR package is a professional service that allows you to immediately access the recording industry, offering you: 

Music production:

★ The composition of 1-3 songs written specifically for you by professional composers and authors.
★ The orchestration, arrangement and recording of the master song at our professional partners recording studio.
★ Voice coaching sessions (if required)
★ The hiring of professional musicians for the execution of the song (if you are not a band).
★ Mixing and mastering of the song.
★ The optimisation and distribution on the main digital online stores worldwide, for selling the album.  

Video production:

★ The recording of a music videoclip.

Artistic/ marketing promotion:

★ The constitution of the professional image of the artist, with the aid of professional image consultants, hair stylists, and make-up artists.
★ The study of the stage name and graphic image.
★ The study of the
 cover of the song-EP.
★ A professional photo shooting.
★ The activation of a premium account on platform Artist board™ for the complete management of your music career, of the duration of 1 year.
★ The creation of the artist’s page on social networks Facebook – Twitter  Youtube with relative graphic personalization. 
★ The artist’s promotion on INTERLUDIO’s Web Radio and Web TV, in the same programs of the most renowned artists of all times, for 3 months. 
★ The public relations (press office) with the transmission of the song and press package to the best sites specialized in music reviews, magazine, radio in U.S.A.
★ The web marketing with focus about the artist and the song on Google (Adwords), Spotify, Facebook, Twitter. 
★ Publication of your activities and new albums on INTERLUDIO’s socialpages (facebook e Youtube)


You will earn 100% of the song’s sales rights. FOREVER.

Find out immediately about the prices of the become.STAR service and start earning thanks to your music!

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become.ST★R: the dream you've been dreaming of, came true.




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