Digital publishing for Artists

Indipendent Artist! Music Publisher! Record label! Make money with the digital publishing!

Today INTERLUDIO introduces a new amazing service the digital publishing for artists.

INTERLUDIO is "publisher partner" of Apple iBookstore, Google books e Amazon Kindle publishing for the distribution and sale of e-books and Apps all over the world for the most important mobile platforms like Apple iPad, iPhone, Amazon kindle and Android devices.




With the extraordinary skills of INTERLUDIO's team any artist or music publishing company can make e-books that have contents such as a singer's biography with photos, videos, and exclusive interview, which millions of fan around the world can enjoy.

Think about how cool it would be to sell and distribuite your new single with autographed photos, or your EP with some backstage videos from your last tour!

Thanks to the multimedia capacity of the mobile devices, music publishing companies are now able to transform all the paper scores and music courses into e-books, which means to offer more interesting contents to a whole, unlimited, new market, and save on printing, warehouse, and shipping costs.







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