The new media

It’s time to say the truth. TV and Radio, two communication media that influence most of the public's choices in artistic and music terms, or perhaps not any longer?

How many people still watch TV or listen to traditional radios nowadays? If we are realists, we can easily say: ’always less".

The radios transmit the kind of music which are paid to transmit, on which they obtain a profit, while emerging artists, if not supported by ''stars'' or recommended, are certainly  not able to afford the considerable fees to be on-air, therefore we listen to the same songs, day after day.


Radios are increasingly offering shows with hosts that talk, joke around or interview, rather than actual music programs and DJs, and moreover, the many commercial interruptions,  like on TV.

It is impossible to listen to music of extremely talented but unknown artists, discover new music; either we have the album or we have no choice!

In reality, there is a choice, and today’s and future youngsters and the public live it, in replacement of the ''big'' media: internet, the web.

WebTV and Web Radio offer telecommunication channels, specific choices and more flexible programs for all tastes. These can be exploited from the computer but also from all peripheral units available today, like smartphones, tablets and TVs which are connected to the web, through cable and Wi-Fi.

If you want to listen to an old song, we can find it easily on the internet, as well as the videos of our favourite artists, but above all, we find what we could never find in traditional media, which offer shows linked to directly sponsored programs, advertisers and choices of a few producers who still claim to know what people really want to see.

Choice, this is the magic word, choose something, how and when; this is the future of media and no ‘’traditional’’ TV or radio will be able to compete. 

For this reason, INTERLUDIO offers a professional Web Radio and WebTV to the artists, that transmit real music, of any kind and of any artist, whether famous or emerging, from the past or more contemporary, where audiences are tangible, measurable and not assumed based on statistics of uncertain credibility, or anyhow impossible to verify. Where anybody can transmit his music or video at affordable prices for anybody, so that choices can be made by the artists first and then by the public.