The talent just needs to believe in himself and has amazing pro services.

No intermediary, no audition. Only excellent services and the courage to try.

We deeply believe that art, in any form or shape, boasts only a unique, sincere supporter: the public, the people who appreciate, listen to it and desire to be surrounded by works that enrich their life experience and sensations.

We believe that a musician, a composer, author, interpreter or band can live off their art and their ideas in a noble, transparent and rewarding way.

We believe that an Artist can do music without being exploited by somebody who will never understand his art, thoroughly. We believe that a group can play and live with its music, thanks to the simple fact that people like it and will support it, buying its works.

Who does still believe that in realistic terms, the record producer of a major studio can determine the success of an Artist?

Record and publish a single and then a possible album, perform in front of a public; these are the fundamental steps that anybody must take to make their dreams come true.

At least an original song must be written, the group must be formed, or at least find who believes in the same project and contributes to develop it at artistic level, friends, musicians or composers, and in conclusion, valid instrumentalists.


The best way to express your artistic skills and diffuse them as effectively as possible, is to create a quality product (recording of a single or album) to introduce on the market.

Until yesterday, a ‘’producer’’ was almost always the only way, considering that the costs of the recording studios able to ensure a high quality standard were definitely high, since the merely analogue recordings required significant investments for the same structures, that were then attributed to the client.

Today, digital studios offer equal performance with remarkably reduced prices, and this unquestionable fact contributed to reduce costs and improve and expand the quality offer. What makes and will always make the difference are the sound technicians and engineers that unfortunately have multiplied with the introduction of the digital sphere, and they are not always serious and qualified professionals (author’s note). 

Then, there is promotion, marketing and distribution that, for the same above mentioned factors concerning recording studios, are practically accessible to anybody, thanks to the network and web.

The quality and efficacy of these ‘’services’’ remain the only fundamental aspects for which it would be appropriate to deal with professionals, while costs have become almost ridiculous compared to those incurred with the so called ''traditional'' means.

Today, being able to produce yourself in an independent way, gives the possibility to all those people who actually want to do this job (we are not talking about hobby), to face the drastically reduced expenses, in view of the opportunity to earn 100% on their work and art.

So, why ‘’give away’’ to somebody the achievements of your art?

This is the idea in which we believe and that we want to share with you, thanks to INTERLUDIO.





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