Introducing Artist board™

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The most outstanding platform to manage your music career. 

Many months have gone by for planning, design, layouts and feasibility studies, hundreds of code lines developed by the most talented programmers worldwide, and now it's finally ready:

the professional, most advanced platform worldwide to manage your music career, opens its doors!


We are thrilled in notifying you that from today, it is possible to activate the account at www.artist-board.comand try the most sophisticated software solutions at the service of music talent.


All the power of marketing promotion, sharing and music sale, enclosed in a beautiful frame of sought-for design.

Each aspect of the music career was included in Artist board™: the introduction of your discography (without limits of space and with the possibility to upload mp3 of utmost quality), your videography using the power of YouTube for transmission and sharing, the opening of your professional merchandising store, an incredible blog, the creation of your press review, the worldwide distribution of your music on 10 digital stores or even by activating the direct sale through PayPal, all of the above, directly from your Artist board™ account.

We included extremely powerful sharing solutions on social networks, like the real time updating of the different Facebook and Twitter statuses, by posting your message one time only. Or the direct access to INTERLUDIO’s WebRADIO and Web TV programs to transmit your music on the most wonderful audio-television platforms available on the market. And the creation, management and transmission of newsletters to your fans, who will be registered to the artist’s website!

Connect now to Artist board and discover the infinite functions available in the account! It's FREE !!!

And if you need some powerful tools look at registration plans with monthly-quarterly- half-yearly and annual expiry have been foreseen, to allow anybody to activate the most suitable solution, at truly incredible prices, for the exceptional functions provided by this platform.

Therefore we invite you to try Artist board™  soon, a fantastic environment where the Talent finds access to the world.
















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