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Sell depends not only on music. Of course you have spent months composing these songs,to distill notes that express emotions in the best way that you carry inside. Have you spent hours in the recording studio to get the right sound, you have drive crazy sound engineer,until all respond to that wonderful idea that you carry within.

Now everything is perfect? No.

Often artists,even more if they are debutant, do not care about a fundamental aspect for the success of their artistic character: the look.


Please note we are not referring to having to be at all fanciful as Lady GAGA or satanic as Marilyn Manson,the important thing is to build your own character: to show off what you have inside.

People become attached to an artist for his music, but also for what he is. Let's examples.

Elton John has written music certainly very nice, but in addition to this he built a character that would attract attention. Zucchero Fornaciari in the early '80s appeared in a completely different way from that today has taken: bluesman with hat, beard unkempt, velvet jackets and make sly. Likewise Coldplay with the look of post-hippie guy, with an explosion of color and light-heartedness.All major artists have taken much thought to this aspect of the career, because it is often worth 50% of the success of the artist.

That's why every artist who really wants to succeed should definitely build its uniqueness, starting from: what he is, what his songs are, and what its target audience expects.

Think of Sade, an incredible artist with a sound among the most elegant in the world. It is clear that it could not build an image like Skunk Anansie and vice versa.
So why often emerging artists have an amazing vocal talent, amazing songs, and appear as if they were going to school or to the dentist... ?!

In INTERLUDIO this aspect is dealt with professional image consultants, that builds a cool project, so as to achieve the result to create a complete artist.


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