Music…is meant to be listened to.

Music is conceived from the heart, from an emotion and an idea.

Who thinks when hearing a song, about the brand of instrument that was used, which kind of effect or microphone was adopted, or in which recording studio it was recorded?


Nobody! If anything, after listening to a song, only somebody may be interested in some of these details (not all available).

Therefore, we are asking ourselves why you should use a studio instead of another to create your piece or which are the characteristics you should look for, prior to choose a particular studio.



Digital publishing for Artists

Indipendent Artist! Music Publisher! Record label! Make money with the digital publishing!

Today INTERLUDIO introduces a new amazing service the digital publishing for artists.

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The talent just needs to believe in himself and has amazing pro services.

No intermediary, no audition. Only excellent services and the courage to try.

We deeply believe that art, in any form or shape, boasts only a unique, sincere supporter: the public, the people who appreciate, listen to it and desire to be surrounded by works that enrich their life experience and sensations.

We believe that a musician, a composer, author, interpreter or band can live off their art and their ideas in a noble, transparent and rewarding way.

We believe that an Artist can do music without being exploited by somebody who will never understand his art, thoroughly. We believe that a group can play and live with its music, thanks to the simple fact that people like it and will support it, buying its works.

Who does still believe that in realistic terms, the record producer of a major studio can determine the success of an Artist?


Introducing Artist board™

Artist board logo


The most outstanding platform to manage your music career. 

Many months have gone by for planning, design, layouts and feasibility studies, hundreds of code lines developed by the most talented programmers worldwide, and now it's finally ready:

the professional, most advanced platform worldwide to manage your music career, opens its doors!


We are thrilled in notifying you that from today, it is possible to activate the account at www.artist-board.comand try the most sophisticated software solutions at the service of music talent.



The professional image consulting

Sell depends not only on music. Of course you have spent months composing these songs,to distill notes that express emotions in the best way that you carry inside. Have you spent hours in the recording studio to get the right sound, you have drive crazy sound engineer,until all respond to that wonderful idea that you carry within.

Now everything is perfect? No.

Often artists,even more if they are debutant, do not care about a fundamental aspect for the success of their artistic character: the look.



The new media

It’s time to say the truth. TV and Radio, two communication media that influence most of the public's choices in artistic and music terms, or perhaps not any longer?

How many people still watch TV or listen to traditional radios nowadays? If we are realists, we can easily say: ’always less".