Obtain visibility. if nobody knows you nobody wants you.

INTERLUDIO offers an extremely powerful range of possibilities to the artist, to promote his work and consolidate his image and presence.


An account in the futuristic Artist Board platform will be activated for the artist, in order to be able to dispose in a single online platform, all the instruments required to begin, develop and establish a successful music career. 


The artist can decide through Artist Boardwhether to offer the downloading of his songs free of charge,
an extremely powerful tool to become known, and he will be able to gain new fans and then keep them informed on his new album through professional newsletters in order to generate and grow his fan-base, input new events at which he will play, to be closer to his public or simply share moments of life through the pages of the personal blog.



At the same time, the fan pages will be activated on Facebook - Twitter - YouTube personalized with the graphics designed for you, loaded with all the material produced during the creation process of the artist and song, therefore the backstage videoclip on the realization of the project, the professional photographs based on the image consulting, the graphic cover of the song produced, the name and logo of the artist.


Each aspect of the promotion will convey absolute professionalism and credibility.

Not only, INTERLUDIO will help the artist to generate interest towards his songs through the social networks, with targeted marketing actions and reports on the results attained.

Who said that only established artists can have a high-level artistic promotion?






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