Your Music. Your Way. Your life.


"Music is a powerful thing. A song can change your mood. Make a memory. One song can change your whole life.'’
(from the film Listen to Your heart)


We are not able to imagine anything truer and deeper than the art to create a music piece. The creative flash of a timeless instant that allows to trace notes, shape frequencies, stimulate emotions, feelings and hints for reflection. 

At the same time, we think that there is nothing madder than giving up  following your talent, your expressive soul, due to decisions made by somebody else.

INTERLUDIO was born to fill the gap, allowing thousands of music talents to make a living thanks to their skills. 


Composers, interpreters, emerging musicians that finally will no longer have to undergo long years of experience to obtain the acknowledgement of their work, but they will be able immediately, to be part of the market, earn 100% of the copyrights, and boast visibility besides the most famous artists of all times. 


Join us, the revolution has just begun.


Our vision:

We believe in music, the free, real one, without boundaries.

We believe in the creative flash, of a timeless instant. 

We believe in merit, the only factor to determine success and failure.

We believe in the dream to be able to make a living thanks to our skills.

We believe in you; now it's time you do the same.


If you live for music and with music, if you share our ideology, contact us now, you will discover an incredible world.

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