We build your dream.


we build your dream

We have constituted a company at the service of your music talent, with a single great goal: give you the opportunity to access the music industry without intermediaries and earning 100% profits from the sale of your music.


We believe in talents, and we deal with anything they need to become stars.

In INTERLUDIO we gathered the best composers, authors, musicians, marketing specialists, image consultants, and activated worldwide distribution channels on the most famous digital stores online, at your service.


Let’s assume you just graduated from schools as singer or musician:


our task could be to write the music and texts for you, deal with the arrangement, recording and mixing, until delivery on digital stores for sale. At the same time, we will create your artistic's name, study your image (from hair styling and make-up to the look!) and we will create all those promotional structures that will allow you to be available and interactive with your fans, through the social networks like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter (with personalized dedicated page) and also on the brand new Artist board™ platform.  


Artist board™, represents today the most advanced and powerful platform for managing the artistic career of music professionals. Discover it on its specific website www.artist-board.com


Therefore, INTERLUDIO will ‘create’ a true music artist in all aspects, starting from a young talent, conceiving a music piece, distributing it, giving it worldwide visibility and international sale, studying the professional artistic image. An outstanding music product, under all points of view.

Thanks to the completeness of the service offer, INTERLUDIO is able to satisfy any need concerning the project of any emerging artist, in fact, it is music publisher, recording studio, audio-video production studio, advertising – PR agency, and media content provider. INTERLUDIO is that structure for young talents that is currently lacking on the market today, and that was always needed: the place where to give substance to your dream, finalizing all the efforts made during the years in music schools and academies, with the certainty to count on true music and marketing professionals, the assurance to make all right steps for your career and tranquillity to be able to access the music market thanks to your talent, without being recommended, but only thanks to your talent. 

The services can be requested individually, in case you have already done ''something'' but not everything in the past, or not highly professionally, or you can request the incredible "become.STAR", a complete and valuable service package where the artist receives everything he needs to build a successful music career from scratch. 

Discover through the site, all the amazing services that you can use…you will be astonished!

Ask detailed information immediately! Make the first step towards success, contact us at: 


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